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What is Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is an expert quality realistic workmanship program. Its applications are differing, from making print to web illustrations and, for our motivations, publications. It is entirely simple to take in the nuts and bolts and make work with an expert appearance. Adobe artist is utilized for making logos, representation, toons and textual styles for the photograph sensible formats of Adobe Photoshop.

Benefits of Adobe Illustrator

• It allows you more flexibility with customizing the workspace.

• It comes with a user interface that allows custom viewing and enables space saving.

• Illustrator gives more control over text and its formatting with options like paragraph composing and OpenType fonts.

• Using illustrator increases productivity as it allows for in-panel editing and use of multiple artboards at a time.

• As it is a vector based program it allows the creation of graphics that are scalable to any extent without losing resolution, with crisp and sharp lines that are perfect for print.

adobe illustrator

Adobe Illustrator Toolbar

There are many tools in the toolbox to draw or design.

adobe illustrator tools

Selection tool: Lets you select entire objects, resize, delete, move them, etc.

Text tool: Allows you to create and edit text.

Pen tool: Lets you draw straight or curved lines.

Rectangle tool: Lets you create rectangles, which are good for borders and backgrounds

Hand tool: Lets you navigate around on the page.

Zoom tool: Allows you to zoom in and out of the page. Holding down the ALT key allows you to zoom out.